Winter Is Coming

And this year we expect to see more heating complaints than ever before. Heat Seek sensors can make a difference.

Last year:

230,000 heating code complaints

37,000 affected buildings city-wide

150,000 hourly temperature readings recorded by a Heat Seek sensor

3,900 hours of violations documented

We Can Do More

With your support, we can expand the number of Heat Seek sensors helping tenants get the heat they deserve.

Prefer to donate by check? Please send to:

Heat Seek NYC

242 W. 30th St, Suite 806

New York, NY 10001

This summer, while most of us are doing everything we can to fight the heat, Crown Heights resident Malaika won’t complain. In fact, she’ll welcome it.

For Malaika, the summer is a respite, the first time in months she can feel comfortable in her own home. This time of year provides a brief escape from the freezing conditions that her landlord chose to ignore when he failed to provide sufficient heat in her apartment last winter. During the coldest months, Malaika often had to resort to using the stove to heat her home.

This seasonal reprieve, however, is no cause for celebration. With winter fast approaching, Malaika – along with thousands of New Yorkers – will soon again be left out in the cold.