About Us


Heat Seek is a team of New Yorkers committed to keeping our neighbors safe and warm. We believe no one should have to spend the winter in a frigid apartment. The reality is, this happens to thousands of us every year, creating a public health hazard and some serious animosity between tenants and landlords.

Our Mission

We strive to harness the power of technology to provide reliable, objective, accurate, and open data to make the world a better place to live.

  • We look for areas in which the lack of available data leaves the city unable to enforce its laws effectively, and courts unable to hold people accountable.

  • We create and supply affordable temperature sensors to aid tenants in their efforts to ensure their safety at home, and to aid landlords in their efforts to reduce energy waste and ensure buildings are efficiently and adequately heated;

  • We produce and provide tenants, landlords, government agencies and the public with real-time heating data that can be used, among other things, to verify complaints of violations of heating codes in court and other proceedings;

  • We produce and provide the public with heating data useful for informing housing policy.


Our affordable temperature sensors can be installed in any number of apartments throughout a building. They connect to our custom web app via wifi or a cellular data chip to stream ambient temperature data in real time. Our powerful web app integrates this data with public 311 heating complaint information to deliver a better picture of New York City’s heating crisis than ever before.

We are working closely with community organizations, landlords, and the HPD to make our technology available to thousands of New Yorkers in time for the cold.

We’re Heat Seek, and we’re keeping the heat on this winter.


Heat Seek + Civic Tech

Heat Seek is more than just a tech startup. We’re civic hackers on a mission—to make NYC a more livable home for all residents. We believe that low cost, scalable technology has the power to drastically improve the lives of millions of New Yorkers while increasing the efficiency of government service provision. We’re providing a model for what a smarter city—one that embraces technology to solve real civic problems—can look like.

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