Heat Seek to raise $50,000 by June 30, 2017 to double our impact for cold New Yorkers.

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This is a critical moment: after two years of pilots throughout all five boroughs, Heat Seek is ready to expand our programs to meet the need in our city. We have refined our strategies for success with lawyers, organizers, and individual tenants, and we're partnering with city officials to require temperature sensors to monitor the city's worst landlords. 

We're raising $50,000 by June 30 in order to get to the next level, and we need your support!


UPDATE #1 - We've hit 15% of our goal! 

UPDATE #2 - We've hit 40% of our goal!

UPDATE #3 - Thank you! With two weeks left in the campaign, we're at 63% of our goal. We're thrilled and humbled by your incredible support, and ready for the final push to 100% before June 30th!

Campaign Donors

Benefactor: $1000 or more

NYC Council Member James Vacca

NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera

Douglaston Development

Avi Flombaum

Robert Bielecki

William Jeffries, Heat Seek co-founder

Patron: $250 - $999

Bret Collazzi, Board member

HR&A Advisors

Lynn Francois

Daniel Kronovet, Board member

Aaron Meyerson, Board member

Alex Thinath, Board member

Jeannie Crowley

Hilary Bok

Robert Patrick

Morgan Stanley

Ken Hunter

Joseph Bohm

Sushanth Bhaskarabhatla

Marjorie Friday


Supporter: <$250

Sharon & Ethan Fener

Lisa Hsia

Cameron Bennett

Norm Malmon

Steven Hasty

Adam Varga

Allison Vicenzi

Adrian Dahlin

Aaron Cohn

Matthew Chang

Oliver Barnes

Ben Smith

Benjamin Regenspan

Eric Hu

Alex Godin

Nitin Mittal

Morgan Muller

William Cromie

Maxwell Austensen

Corbin Page

Alicia Francois

James Ingallinera

Ben Fuller-Googins

Mark Tunca

Diane Fener

Sarah Cassidy

Carol Hickey

William Geary

Dave McGoy

Pam Anderson

G. Sasso

Jodi Jacobson

Steven Warhola

Anonymous (5)

Joan Walsh

Samuel Bagenstos

Erica Naone

Evan Burke

Daniel Mosier

Katha Pollitt

Christy Webster

Gleb Zhgun

Dena Verhoff

Dustin Keitel

Dalia Levine

Cyd Harrell

Terry Meyerson

Dmytro Pokhylko

Monica Potts

Noelle Francois

Jeffrey Weiss

Amy Mignosi

Patrick MacDonald

Philip Zapfel

Travis Starkey

Robert Jeffries

With Heat Seek, I was able to submit proof of the lack of heat in my client’s apartment. Upon seeing the evidence, the landlord and his attorney conceded the issue and the landlord agreed to waive all rent claims and provide a rent-stabilized lease.
— Partner Attorney

Raising $50,000 allows Heat Seek to:

  • Double the number of tenants we serve

  • Implement a cheaper and more efficient sensor design

  • Advocate for new regulations to force the worst landlords to install sensors in their buildings

  • Wrap up this winter's court cases from that are using Heat Seek’s sensor data, ensuring that those tenants aren’t back
    in court next year


Read more about the impact of your donation here.

Heat Seek allowed me to meet with the head of my management company and convince them that I really was cold, so they came and fixed the problem. Without them, I’d still be cold!
— Tenant in East Harlem

Thanks to your support, we've already...

  • Installed Heat Seek sensors in 100 cold buildings across all five borough

  • Convinced a dozen landlords across the city to turn the heat on, without going to court

  • Helped attorneys win over $300,000 in Housing Court fines against landlords

  • Partnered with two dozen community organizers and tenant lawyers


Check out our 2016 annual report for details.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ.