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Invest in a new kind of tech startup

Join Heat Seek's Board of Advisors today.


If you're on this page, its because we want you on the Heat Seek Board of Advisors. Each year Heat Seek senior staff, the Board of Directors, and fellow Advisory Board members are invited to recommend highly qualified individuals, and someone in our orbit wants you on our team. We need your help to stand up for the little guy and make NYC housing safe and warm - this winter and every winter.

We look to our Board of Advisors to provide strategic advice, expertise, and resources to help Heat Seek grow and thrive. 


Joining the Board of Advisors is the best way for folks in the tech (and tech adjacent) industries to support our work. You'll become part of the Heat Seek braintrust, sharing your wisdom and expertise when called upon. In return, you'll get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to launch and sustain a successful social impact tech startup. 

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When you join, Heat Seek will:

  • Share an intimate look at the organization's strategic goals for the upcoming year
  • Host a Board of Advisors breakfast in the style of a Jeffersonian dinner before each meeting of the Board of Directors (3x/year)
  • Grant you the ability to nominate yourself or others to the Board of Advisors, as well as put forth recommendations for the Board of Directors (subject to approval by a vote of existing members). 

In return, you commit to:

  • Attend the quarterly Board of Advisors breakfasts when possible
  • Be available by email to answer questions, share your expertise, and make introductions to professional contacts in your network
  • A monthly recurring donation of $200/mo
  • Refer other qualified individuals to join the Board of Advisors.
  • Add your role as an Advisory Board member at Heat Seek to your LinkedIn profile, resume, etc.



Are you ready to join us and stand up for the little guy?

  1. Email our Advisory Board Chair William Jeffries at william@heatseek.org to confirm your participation.
  2. Set up your monthly donation online using the link below.

Board of Advisors Giving FAQ

Can I cancel payments if I need to?

Of course. We expect 12 months of service from our board members, but things happen. When people have life events (e.g. moving away, changing jobs, starting a family), sometimes they need to step down early. Just let the board chair know and cancel your payment.

Can I make the gift all at once?

We recommend monthly giving because that's easier for most people, but if you would rather do it all at once, just let the board chair know and head to the donations page to make your one-time gift.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes, we use Stripe as a payment processor -- the same one used by Amazon, Facebook, Lyft and 100,000+ online companies.