request a free heat seek sensor

If your apartment is ever too cold, our sensors will alert you so you can ask your landlord, or the city, to fix your heat.


How to Qualify for a Free Sensor

You may qualify for a free* Heat Seek temperature sensor if you:

  • Are eligible for free legal services in NYC
  • Or, are at risk of being displaced from rent-stabilized or affordable housing
  • Live in an apartment with at least one bedroom

You'll be Enrolled in Heat Seek's 2017-2018 Winter Program

If you qualify for a free Heat Seek sensor, you will automatically be enrolled in Heat Seek's 2017-2018 Winter Program. This means:

  • A Heat Seek staff member will schedule a time to come to your home and install a sensor.
  • You will receive a sensor and access to the Heat Seek web app at no cost.
  • Heat Seek staff will work with you throughout the winter. We'll help you use your data to get your heat restored, and when necessary, we'll refer you to a community organizer or legal service provider who can help you take further action.
  • You will be required to return the sensor to Heat Seek at the end of heat season.

Determine Your Eligibility:

* While supplies last