Heat Seek sensor + app subscription


Heat Seek sensors provide the real-time temperature and humidity data you need to monitor your home and protect yourself against heating violations.  

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Product specifications:

  • Wifi enabled temperature/humidity sensor - $139.99

    • Temperature readings are accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees celsius

    • Sensor is equipped with an SD card backup - never miss a reading! 

  • Heat Seek app - $3.99/month

    • Access Heat Seek's award winning web app via a personal account to monitor your data

    • View your temperature data on a custom graph

    • See every hour your building is in violation of NYC Housing Code

    • Download heat logs

Please note: After purchasing a sensor, you will be prompted to enter your wifi network name and password. This allows us to pre-configure your sensor to connect to your home wifi before shipping.

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Ready to buy?

Start by purchasing a $3.99/month Heat Seek subscription below. Once you purchase a Heat Seek subscription, we’ll create your account at heatseek.org. Your monthly subscription fee allows the Heat Seek team to maintain the technical infrastructure needed to generate and store your data.

At the same time, we’ll begin prepping your sensor for shipment. Sensors usually ship within 3-5 business days. You will automatically be charged $139.99 when your sensor ships.