Five days of gratitude

Its been an incredible, and incredibly challenging, year at Heat Seek. We graduated from our incubator program, rolled out an entirely new sensor design, and helped dozens of families get their heat turned on. At the same time, with a budget shortfall looming, in August Anthony made the difficult decision to seek employment elsewhere. Grants came in, but others fell through. It has truly been a year of ups and downs. And yet, we have so much to be grateful for.

This week, in preparation for Thanksgiving, we'll be spending time reflecting on a few of the things we're most grateful for at Heat Seek.

Our hope is to give you a glimpse behind the curtain, to share just a few of the people, organizations, and companies that have helped make Heat Seek the organization it is today, and who continue to support us to ensure that all New Yorkers go to bed safe, healthy, and warm each night. We could not do this work without them.

First up, we are so grateful for the incredible generosity of attorneys like Stephanie Rudolph at the Urban Justice Center and Sunny Noh at The Legal Aid Society. When we were first getting started, these pro bono housing lawyers spent countless hours with us, walking us through the process of submitting a heat complaint, allowing us to shadow them in housing court, and introducing us to their clients. Their willingness to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as feedback on our product, has been absolutely indispensable in getting Heat Seek to where it is today; we would have been lost without their early insights and support.

With so many tech startups focused on maximizing profit, it's a real privilege to build tools that actually help folks solve an acute, dangerous problem in their lives. We are so honored to work with, and learn from, talented committed public servants like Stephanie and Sunny.

Check out Stephanie in the video below: