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Hi everyone,

Heat Seek is looking to hire a user researcher to help us evaluate & learn from an MVP data tool we’ve built (soon to go live!). Please help us get the word out by sharing with anyone in your networks who might be interested! 

Statement of Work

Statement of Work

User research for data aggregation tool.



Heat Seek is looking for an experienced user researcher to design and execute a user feedback project for a new MVP data advocacy and aggregation tool. Ideal candidates will be dedicated advocates of a user-centered approach to product development. They will have experience defining, planning, and conducting user feedback, facilitating project management, and compiling insights into actionable next steps. In collaboration with the Executive Director, the UX researcher will be responsible for the entire lifecycle of the user-testing phase.


Problem Statement

Housing lawyers and tenant organizers do not currently have an easy way to research and identify tenants at risk of harassment by their landlords. A variety of existing datasets, both public and private, can help shed light on buildings, landlords, and even whole neighborhoods where tenants are disproportionately at risk of harassment, but they are not always easy to access, even for data savvy individuals. Moreover, the datasets exist in different places across the web, making it extremely difficult to detect patterns and draw insights across disparate datasets.

To address this, we are creating an MVP data tool that aggregates data from a variety of datasets into one database to allow organizers and lawyers to quickly and easily draw insights, detect patterns, and ultimately make decisions about where to focus proactive outreach efforts to identify tenants at risk of harassment and eventual eviction/displacement. We are seeking an experienced user researcher to gather user feedback on the MVP tool and provide insight and recommendations to Heat Seek about whether this is a mission-aligned and cost effective project to continue and expand.


Working closely with the Heat Seek team, this user research project seeks to answer the following questions: :

    • How might lawyers and organizers use the data tool? What areas of their work will it help them with?

      • Example: Does this tool help lawyers and organizers proactively identify buildings where tenants are at risk of harassment and forced displacement through data?

    • Does the data tool help improve:

      • Users’ existing workflow around information gathering and decision making

      • Users’ prioritization of casework, and how they approach proactive outreach

      • Users’ access to information that can drive data driven decision making

    • Are the right data sets included or are there other data needs that should be prioritized or included?  

    • What user experience and functionality is needed for users to adopt the data tool? What will make it “better” than their current workflow and tools?

      • What are their barriers and pain points around data accessibility? Does the tool help them to overcome those?

      • What is their understanding of the benefits of the data tool? Is there accompanying training or other resources that would increase the chances of the data tool being used?

      • What is their willingness to engage in proactive, data-driven outreach resulting from using the tool?



    • A comprehensive  user research plan, using appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods, targeted at answering the aforementioned questions. Plans should include a mix of the following: one-on-one usability studies, remote usability studies, online and in-person focus groups and/or workshops, and in-depth interviews.

    • Interview guides with up to two rounds of revisions

    • Management and facilitation of focus groups, workshops, interviews

    • Written interview notes

    • A presentation of findings and analysis (document or PowerPoint) to the Heat Seek team

      • Analysis should provide insight into whether Heat Seek should continue to invest time and resources on this tool

Time Frame

    • We expect this project to begin in mid-April, and to encompass part time work for approximately 2-3 months


To apply, please send your resume, along with a cover letter detailing your prior experience working on at least two user research projects, to by 4/12/17.


About Heat Seek

Heat Seek works at the intersection of innovative technology and tenant advocacy to provide new tools in the fight to maintain affordable housing in New York City. A non-profit organization that empowers lawyers, organizers, and city officials, we provide low-cost, web-connected temperature sensors to tenants facing heating abuse and harassment, and we conduct analysis of both temperature data and citywide data to provide new ways for advocates to target and reach at-risk tenants.