Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign

We’re coming up on the semi-final round of the NYCBigApps competition, and we’re pressing hard to get out the vote. There are around 120 teams, but if we can be in the five most popular, we’ll get to present at the BigApps Battleground in front of a panel of influential players in the NYC tech scene. Of the five who present to them, one will be selected as the winner and will get an automatic pass to the finals in September. It’s a long shot, but we’re gonna give it our best. Luckily, we won’t be out of the running if we don’t make it; we can still go on to the finals if we do well in our category. We’re competing in the Live and Work categories because BigApps recommended we enter more than one in order to be more competitive. Obviously Heat Seek fits best in the Live category, but we’re happy to take their advice since they’ve told us that all of the judges use the same rubric, regardless of which category they’re judging.